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Welcome to
Jackie's Pencil Portraits
Pencil portrait drawings of your favorite people, pets,  or places, created from your photograph.
It's the gift that is sure to please!

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If you like the photograph, you'll love the Pencil Portrait.
It's an original, personal, and lasting gift!

And it's not too early to order a Pencil Portrait for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, an
anniversary, New Year’s, a Bar Mitzvah, Easter, or any other celebration!
Made in the U.S.A.
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Pets and Other Animals
As newlyweds

Michael and Cindy
Colored-Pencil and Watercolor Drawings
Friends and Loved Ones
Joyce's Special Dad



Pencil Portrait of Molly-Ginger
The Graduate and his heritage Combination watercolor and colored pencil

My latest creation. This is a picture of the commissioner's parents, many years ago and then after many years together. I can't wait for her to see it!

Jessica Roddrick Gumbels




Penn and Liz Grannies

Atherton Texas Boys                Toeshoes
Little Beauty Little Texas Boys

Dad and Mom
Mary and Jenny portrait
Mary and Jenny

Charita Beachboys

Jasmine The Wedding

Kinley Mariella Little Kinley To the left is a portrait I did of a little girl in 2004 at the age of one. Below is a photo of her today at 4 and of her little sister, now 1 year old. At the parents' request I replaced the faces on the photograph with these faces.
in 2004-actual portrait is very distinct
Kinley at 3 Maryella
additional faces that I used for the final & finished portrait


In memory of Bradley - A very special young man

Allie and sibs
Allie and sibs

Amy and Kari DeRosa

Pattie-Jason as children
As children
The Teens
As teens

Aughton Aiden Chloe

Jodie-John_Baby Jodie-John-Alyssa-Rebecca
The babies' grandmother commissioned me to add the latest addition to their family. I rendered the trio portrait  in 2004, and the second baby was added to the original in May, 2006 at the same age.
Family, 2004 Same family, 2006

All of the images on these pages are digital photos of the original pencil portraits, optimized for faster downloads from the internet. As such, as well as by the reduction in size, they lose some of the detail of the original portraits . All of these original portraits are either 11x14" or 18x24", and some are composites of  several individual photographs.
Lori & MatthewLori-Matthew-now
Time Marches On - Children did not know each other when their photos were taken, but they're now married.

Taylor Martin Little NoNo

Megan Ian Marisa

Carnival Happy family
Gary and Heather Siena
Birthdays, anniversies, weddings, and graduations are special occasions  deserving of a pencil portrait  to
capture a lasting image of that special moment in time.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


Prints and notecards are available for these and other drawings which can be viewed  on the Watercolor page.
Just click here to access that page.

Grego Day in June
Dear Jackie,... My brother was very surprised and overwhelmed. I know this will be one of the best gifts he'll ever receive. Regards, Kelli, California A Day in June -
This pencil portrait was commissioned as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.
Self Portrait - 2004

Then & Now - The adults that these children became commssioned this portrait for their parents.

Kisha Jason AprilBig family John
Annalee Savannah
Aunt Sally Above is a composite pencil portrait of the 7 children of a midwestern family. It was commissioned by a group of appreciative employees for their boss (the father) as a birthday gift.

Click here to see the individual (selected from about 25) photographs from which they were made ; to order a pencil portrait for your own boss, or of your spouse, child, parent, friend , pet, click here or here.

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I would like to tell you a little about myself. First of all, I cannot remember the first time I drew or painted. Both of my parents were very artistic and art has always been a vital part of Jackiemy being. As we humans must eat and sleep, I also MUST draw and express myself through art. I've always -been this way.

As a little girl of about eight years old, my father took me to the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta, GA, and there I saw a portrait artist rendering pencil portraits. I immediately became mesmerized by the process and was fascinated by the skill and discipline required. The pencil artist began very lightly to layer the graphite onto the paper then, stroke by stroke, he progressed to a lovely pencil portrait of the person being drawn. Since that time, to be able to draw pencil portraits has always been my highest aspiration as an artist.

For years I've rendered portraits in pencil, water color, and oils, and for much of the time was basically self-taught. After helping provide college for both my son and daughter, the time came to pursue my own dream of returning to college. In the year 2000, I graduated from GA State University with my Bachelor's degree in Studio art. What a wonderful way it was to usher in the new millennium!

I've been the featured artist at several local art museums and participated in art fairs as well. Throughout the process of learning to draw more skillfully, I realized that I would need to zero in on what is most important for me to express as an artist. I always gravitated back to drawing pencil portraits of people, and pets as well. This is what I've always felt I was supposed to do in life.

Time just ceases to be as I draw; and each portrait is a labor of love that I thoroughly enjoy. Absolutely nothing is quite so rewarding to me as stretching the 3-dimensional image of a beloved human being or pet onto the 2-dimensional surface of a high quality sheet of paper. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life is to be able to give joy to others by creating the likeness of a loved one or beloved pet. The ability to draw pencil portraits is God's very special gift to me.

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